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HUICHAIRA WINES | Quebrada de Humahuaca | Jujuy

Sejanovich is co-owner, with Jeff Mausbach, of Manos Negras, in Mendoza and the Maipú-based winery’s name reflects the pair’s philosophy towards winemaking: getting down and dirty with a fearless, hands-on approach. And that’s not just in the cellar. Sejanovich’s passion for innovation has led him to scour Argentina in a quest to conquer challenging terroir and express viticulturally unexploited regions.
His stellar portfolio includes Manos Negras, Artesano Pinot Noir sourced from Río Negro – at 218m above sea level and 39° latitude – in Patagonia; Tigerstone Garnacha from the Calchaquí Valley (at 1,700m); and a field blend (for the time being) from Quebrada de Humahuaca GI – at 2,710m and 46° latitude – near the Bolivian border.

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