Project Description


For the last five years, Expresión Orgánica has connected agro-ecological products with responsible consumers though its on-demand cut and harvest approach, preserving freshness and minimizing waste and rot. The company’s main focus is on aromatic herbs, edible flowers and leaves, fruit, and pumpkins. Sowing and harvesting are carried out to best align with the environment’s natural processes. Every crop is grown outdoors and irrigated with groundwater; both weeding and harvesting are done by hand. Expresión Orgánica highlights the full sensorial potential of its crops, allowing them the chance to develop and evolve freely, even when adverse weather conditions or pests are involved. With each season comes a new harvest, encouraging the creativity to adapt and change. The team at Expresión Orgánica is constantly learning more about what it grows and works alongside those that are committed to sustainable projects in both the short and mid-term. For them, agroecology is a way of life.