From the heights of the Argentinean Puna, Hilandería Warmi is an example of sustainable textile production based on the recovery of ancestral knowledge. Although its history began almost 100 years ago, the project was recovered only in 2014 and today it is one of the brands - and companies - that managed to combine work and fair trade with sustainable and sustainable development over time, creating timeless yarns and garments with luxury fibres, generated in an ethical and responsible way.
After almost 100 years of abandonment, the textile factory created in 1922 for this purpose was recovered in collaboration with the Warmi Sayajsunqo women's association, managing in 2014 to start up the textile factory, and founding the Warmi Sayajsunqo Spinning Mill, a social enterprise with the mission to support and contribute to achieving a solid foundation for human and community development through dignity, identity and the prevalence of the region's culture.
Hilandería Warmi is a company that is far from fast and mass fashion, redefining the concept of luxury to its ancestral meaning. It is a slow brand, which values transparency and traceability of the entire production process, cultural tradition, know-how, proximity to its producers, quality, the life cycle of the garment and its reuse.