Researcher, daring and 100% passionate, Matías graduated as a winemaker from the Don Bosco School in Mendoza. He worked for wineries such as Luigi Bosca, Doña Paula, Finca Sophenia and Zorzal, and then created Passionate Wine in Tupungato, as a way to express his deep passion for wine.

A pioneer in discovering and showcasing the terroir of Gualtallary and Tupungato, his knowledge is sophisticated and sensitive; his wines have won markets around the world.

He was also in the news for making "sea wines" from a small vineyard he planted together with "Tato" Giovannoni on a beach in Chubut.

And he surprised again with another wine venture, this time in Humahuaca, Jujuy. The objective: to rescue old vineyards of small farmers who have been cultivating criollo grapes for several generations. Since 2020, he has been making wines in the towns of Maimará, Tilcara and Purmamarca at the head of Bodega El Bayeh.