Project Description


Located in Posadas, Poytava restaurant celebrates both the guaraní and Misiones province culinary heritages. Its philosophy centers around preserving the native jungle, sustainability, economic and social consciousness, and seasonal eating. Native fruit, wild herbs, and funghi regain value, and the restaurant’s team is careful to replant any flora that’s at risk of disappearing over time. Poytava supports and drives local, organic agriculture, prioritizing internal consumption and fair trade. At the restaurant's organic garden, there’s an ever-growing variety of beans, wild herbs and aromatics, tubers, tamarillo, native fruit, cassava, sweet potato, and much, much more.

Poytava’s culinary approach is rooted in two general concepts: cultural exchange and the reduction of food waste. The menu is hyper-seasonal and adapts to what’s available in the garden and at the local markets; dishes are prepared using local materials and techniques that include smoking and fermentation. Relationships with producers are at the forefront of the daily routine, and free workshops are made available to them as a way to gain more tools and knowledge when selling their goods.

On its blog - De la Tierra Colorada - the team shares photos and stories that add depth and context to all that they do. Tatarendy is a collaborative project with local guaraní communities from the center of the province, highlighting both their cultural richness and socioeconomic strife. They also run cooking classes that provide food to local community kitchens, raising awareness about the importance of community, organic gardens among the diverse group of students. Poytava also produces its own line of preserves: Mamboreta, flavors of Misiones, that includes mushrooms, native fruits, wild chili peppers, bamboo, and more.